Social media courses for new and small businesses

Harness the power of video.


Supercharge your social media with video

Discover how simple it can be to make video on your smartphone and combine it with great social media strategy and tactics to grow your community and increase sales.

Post to your followers with confidence

Face and conquer your filming fears

Grow a community of engaged followers

Save money but look professional

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Get Smart with Video

Learn the techniques and confidence to film yourself and your business using just your mobile phone from a BBC and ITV trained camera woman.


Get Social with Reels

Grow your social media engagement with our new mini tutorial. Quickly understand the what, why and how of producing Instagram Reels.


Get Social with Video

Our full course combines Get Smart with Video with the basics of social media marketing for new businesses who want to know how to sell on social.


Our online courses are step-by-step, easy-to-follow guides to planning and producing social media content that gets more likes, comments AND sales.

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Kathy Marston,

"A great online course. Well thought out, laid out and easy to absorb. Great support from Helen and Caroline too with regular updates.

It's made all the difference to how I put together social media videos. It's always those little nuggets of insightful knowledge you learn that really do make my job easier."

Do you?

  • Feel out of your depth, worried about what to post, or are unclear who your audience is?
  • Find you are confused by the different features and platforms but plough on regardless because you can’t afford to pay a professional? 
  • Think that you are lagging behind your competition beacuse they have their social media nailed?
  • Wish you knew how to use your own smartphone to create professional looking video content?
  • Worry that your social media is uninspired and boring?

What will I get? 

  • Easy to follow video lessons from experts who have helped transform businesses like yours.
  • Downloadable guides to refer back to time and time again.
  • Expert advice on which social platforms are best for your audience alongside tips and strategies on how to get better engagement every time.
  • Kit lists and guidance on the inexpensive tech, apps and software you’ll need to make professional content without the price tag.
  • An understanding of the basic equipment and techniques you’ll need to make video.
  • Membership of our exclusive Facebook community to ask questions, get feedback and learn from each other.

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Dispel your fears and let us show you that...

  • You can reduce the stress and overwhelm of social media with the confidence that you will be doing it right.
  • You can get more engagement with the right audience for your business, leading to meaningful conversations with the right people.
  • You can get more time back to run your business because planning and posting your social media content will become easier and quicker.
  • You can fall back in love with video and social media and use it build audiences and communities for your business.

Who are we?

We are ex BBC and ITV trained TV Producer, Camera Operator and Broadcast Journalist, Helen Hyde and University Lecturer and Social Media Trainer and Advisor, Caroline McShane.

We both wanted to learn from each other and realised how complementary our backgrounds were for other small businesses.

Using our combined skills and experience, we’ll show you:

  • Which social platforms to use and how.
  • How to develop the right social media strategy.
  • How to identify your audience, and plan and personalise your content to achieve results.
  • How to use your smartphone (yes, your phone!) to produce professional-looking videos that gets you noticed online.

Natalie Hillman,

Whistance Hillman Creative

"I am thoroughly enjoying the ‘Get Social with Video' course. The combination of social media, marketing and video information is brilliant.

"Helen and Caroline have such a wealth of knowledge between them, and this is so enjoyable to watch throughout the sessions. I have already jotted down lots of tips and tricks to use. I will definitely feel more confident by the end of the course to use video in my social media marketing and am already making plans to do so."


Summer Sale ENDS SOON!


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A social media toolkit in your pocket...

You know your business should be on social media and that video is the key. But the thought of putting yourself out there is scary and overwhelming. Learn in your own time how to consistently post to the right social platforms with professional looking video content that connects with your audience. Get Social with Video is your virtual social media manager. It is simply, straight forward and it's yours. 

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