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Get Social with Video came about as a result of Caroline and Helen having a chat during lockdown. We both wanted to learn from the other, but Covid meant we weren’t able to meet face to face. We knew how complementary our services are and hit on the idea of combining our expertise to help other small businesses.

Caroline is a seasoned Social Media Specialist who first discovered the power of social media and its ability to build communities when she ran her own wedding floristry business.

After a particularly unfruitful leaflet drop she decided to investigate this new thing called Instagram which had just launched. The transformation on her business was overnight and immense. Suddenly she could network and build relationships with other businesses within the wedding industry, photographers, cake makers, venues, makeup artists, you name it she connected with them and they all referred business to each other.

As a result of this turnaround friends asked her to help them launch their businesses on social media. She quickly realised that social media was here to stay but very few people understood how to use it or the power it had to connect and build communities and increase sales, which was why Social Honeycomb was born.

Since then she has helped companies develop their own social media strategies and trained people how to fully utilise the features of each platform. However, she also realised that many businesses couldn’t afford to employ a social media manger or videographer so they needed to learn the skills themselves. This is where the idea for Get Social with Video came from.

Meanwhile Helen could be found somewhere behind a camera! Helen first learnt to shoot at the BBC and ITV - chasing down criminals on Crimewatch and X-Ray and running after cows in field for Coast & Country. Originally a journalist, Helen has been brought up on the power of storytelling and the connection this can make with your audience.

In 2016, Helen decided to go it alone and, without the budget to buy broadcast-quality cameras, she invested in a tripod, mic and gimbal for her iPhone. She began offering free corporate videos for local companies and quickly had enough money to invest in a ‘big camera’. However to this day, Helen continues to use her smartphone to film for clients’ websites and social media. She swears by its flexibility, ease of use and excellent results. The best camera you can have is the one that’s always on you. (Just remember to wipe the lens!)

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