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Our complete Get Social with Video tutorial is a ten lesson online course.

Each lesson contains two to three separate videos featuring either Caroline or Helen passing on their expertise in social media training and smartphone filming.

These videos are easy to follow and understand, and often come with downloads to help you replicate their advice for your own business.

Want to find out more about exactly what you’ll learn and how you and your business will benefit from Get Social with Video…

Lesson One

Getting started with your social media smartphone toolkit

Understand the absolute basics of social media for your business and how to define who your audience is - who you want to be talking to. Then begin your journey into smartphone filming by finding out how to turn your smartphone into a video camera.

Lesson Two

The different social media platforms

Find out from Caroline who each of the social platforms serve, and begin to understand which will work best for your business. Learn how to build a business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and then find out about the different lengths, formats and styles of video which suit each of these platforms.

Lesson Three

Content (Video) is King!

Get the low down on content – the different styles and content pillars you could be talking about when it comes to your business. Get some inspiration that will help you to start planning your social strategy. Here we introduce the dreaded hashtag word as well!

Lesson Four

It’s all in the planning

Understand how to save yourself time and money by planning your content in advance. We give you some handy tips and tricks and show you just how easy it can be. By the end of this lesson you will have your Content Calendar tied up for the month. Or even the year. And we haven’t forgotten about video – we also show you how to plan a video to make it as efficient and effective as possible.

Lesson Five

Representing your business

Gain the confidence to speak on camera with our presentation skills. Understand the importance of representing your business correctly and consistently online, and learn how to stay on brand and on message.

Lesson 6

Smartphone filming skills

Here we get into the nitty gritty of actually filming with our top ten tips for smartphone filming and even introduce some advanced filming skills for those of you gaining confidence and wanting to be more creative.

Lesson Seven

A deeper dive into the platforms 

In this lesson Caroline takes you though the rules of engagement on social media, introduces the algorithms and what this means for your social media engagement, and helps you to understand the power of building communities online.

Lesson Eight


Would you like to invest in some equipment to help you produce the most professional looking videos you can using online your smartphone? Helen talks you through lighting, sound and movement to give you a better understanding of what you do and don’t need – whatever your budget.

Lesson Nine

What to say

There are many benefits to scripting your video before you begin filming. In fact, much of the time taken up by filming is in the preparation. In this lesson we walk you through why and how you can script, autocue and then subtitle your video for your best ever performance online and in your analytics.

Lesson Ten

How to publish

In the final lesson we walk you through actually publishing your first video. Why captions are so important and those dreaded hashtags once more! But what’s the point of publishing a video if you don’t know how well it’s performed? We take a look at Analytics to help you get a better understanding of what your audience does and doesn’t want to see from you.

The Facebook Group

Throughout the course, you will have access to our private Facebook Group, giving you the opportunity to publish your practice videos to a smaller audience of likeminded understanding small business owners just like yourself. Some of them will have finished the course, some will be a little further than you and some will be behind you! The group is there to allow you the chance to share experiences, ask for advice and ideas, and gain more confidence before you publish to your own business platforms.

Get Social with Video is your virtual social media manager. It is simple, straight forward and it's yours.

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